Our offer

Provide competitive solar heat

Reduce your energy bills

In locations with favourable solar irradiance, solar heat is already 10% to 30% cheaper than fossil fuels

Stabilize and predict your energy costs for the next 15 years

As solar energy is a highly predictable resource newHeat commits over time on price and annual volume

Reduce your reliance on fossil fuel energy and your CO2 emissions from 30 to 60%

Solar heat will reduce your exposure to highly volatile energy markets

No investment is required

newHeat takes care of financing, engineering, procurement, construction and operation

How does it work ? : the newHeat heat supply contract

After an analysis of your situation, we produce a first draft of the solar plant that we could install next to your facility. Then, we define together the different parameters of the heat supply contract

In order to be able to take charge of the project we ask for a minimum commitment of 10 to 15 years to purchase solar heat from newHeat


What newHeat does

Together we gather and discuss the specifications of your facility in order to appraise your needs. We are then able to make a first design for a solar heat plant that meets your requirements; this then allows us to draft a preliminary heat supply agreement.
If you are interested in our proposal, we start the building permit process and finalize the engineering studies required for the execution of the project. The work will be carried out with our expert partners, engineering firms and specialized contractors.
We finance the installation with our financial partners, investors and banks.
We build the solar heat plant on the selected plot, in close proximity to your process facility. A project manager, supported by an engineering team, follows the execution of the project and manages the different stages.
Our remote supervision system allows us to track heat production and schedule routine maintenance and operational interventions

Our project interests you?

  • Are you an industrial with a thermal energy intensive process, especially in the following industries: Food & beverage, Chemical, Pulp & Paper
  • Are you located in a sunny area?
  • Would you like to lower your energy supply costs and cutback your CO2 emissions ?

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